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  1. Jasper Brian (verified owner)

    Wow awesome strain! Good looking buds with a smooth/sweet smell and taste, gets you pretty stoned As my first order from EOD, my order had some rolling filters, papers, a keychain and a sticker, thought it was cute lol. Thank you EOD, will be ordering again!!

    Blue Dream Blue Dream

  2. Grant David (verified owner)

    One of the best strains ever.

    Girl Scout Cookies Girl Scout Cookies

  3. Anika Marie (verified owner)

    Disappointed…I bought 2 ounces based on the reviews…husband and I were smokers for 50 years…we were expecting heavier buzz…..maybe it was the batch received…I Will not buy again…

    MK Ultra MK Ultra

  4. Ashton Ace (verified owner)

    This is one of the best strains I’ve ever gotten from EOD. Great hybrid, morning, daytime, nighttime always a great treat

    Girl Scout Cookies Girl Scout Cookies

  5. Violet Ophelia (verified owner)

    Awesome looking just like the picture can’t wait to order more this is one you stash a bud away lol keep up the awesome products EOD

    AK 47 AK 47

  6. Griffin Carl (verified owner)

    Can’t wait for it to be in stock again. This is my fav.

    Durban Poison Durban Poison

  7. Josephine Grace (verified owner)

    Have grabbed multiple times so far; reliable strain to get.

    Platinum OG Platinum OG

  8. Kingston Ellis (verified owner)

    Try smoking this and not getting the juicy fruit song in your head. Taste was very nice and smooth

    Strawberry Cough Strawberry Cough

  9. Ruth Ann (verified owner)

    One of my favourite strains!

    Girl Scout Cookies Girl Scout Cookies

  10. Cole Bradley (verified owner)

    Solid buzz, got this in a sample and enjoyed it. EOD quality is second to none. Thank god for you guys, you’re quality is the best and customer service is great

    Chemdawg Chemdawg

  11. Taylor Rains (verified owner)

    Good stuff!.. definitely need to order again..

    Death Star Death Star

  12. Ella Rose (verified owner)

    Very nice taste

    Trainwreck Trainwreck

  13. Berkely Michelle (verified owner)

    One of my favs always good quality love it

    Banana Kush Banana Kush

  14. Sara Katlyn (verified owner)

    Can’t wait for it to be in stock again. This is my fav.

    Purple Haze Purple Haze

  15. Kingston Ellis (verified owner)

    I am so impressed with the quality thanks guys

    Platinum OG Platinum OG

  16. Alex Christopher (verified owner)

    Great smell, and great taste.

    Gelato Gelato

  17. Hayden Everly (verified owner)

    Can’t wait for it to be in stock again. This is my fav.

    Sour Diesel Sour Diesel

  18. Maxwell Alan (verified owner)

    My fav strain – always keep some around!

    Banana Kush Banana Kush

  19. Abigail Faith (verified owner)

    Overall great! This strain smells good right out of the bag and has a very smooth smoke. Has a very well balanced high which as the description says is awsome for any time of the day. This is currently my favorite strain and i would reccomend trying. I have purchased a second time already.

    Girl Scout Cookies Girl Scout Cookies

  20. Caitlyn Rebecca (verified owner)

    This one is one of my all-time favorites.

    MK Ultra MK Ultra

  21. Daisy Michelle (verified owner)

    The high is nice. I bought it because of its name, and because of its name to be honest I was expecting a higher potency

    Jack Herer Jack Herer

  22. Ciara Shae (verified owner)

    Great smoke! Hard hitter. Gotta good feeling goin man!

    Girl Scout Cookies Girl Scout Cookies

  23. Ruth Ann (verified owner)

    Really enjoying this one. Added this one to my list of favourites!

    Durban Poison Durban Poison

  24. Emmett Gray (verified owner)

    This was an awesome high. I’d say pretty close to 50/50 as far as high goes. Uplifting and relaxing

    Banana Kush Banana Kush

  25. Kaitlyn Jade (verified owner)

    This batch must have been well cared for. Good Job Elite online dispensary

    Grand daddy Purple Grand daddy Purple

  26. Avery Shae (verified owner)

    Loving it, breakfast blend

    Pineapple Express Pineapple Express

  27. Penelope Victoria (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed this strain. Very tight buds with lots of crystals. Smell and taste enjoyable and so was the high.

    Afghan Kush Afghan Kush

  28. Abigail Faith (verified owner)

    Myself, my boyfriend and our downstairs neighbor love this. We talked about it all night. We loved the relaxing, mellow, social high with no paranoia. I have severe anxiety and found this was great for me. Very good quality!

    Godfather OG Godfather OG

  29. Everett Paul (verified owner)

    Very tight moderate sized buds. Always well-cured and trimmed to perfection at Elite online dispensary. Nice high with a spicy taste and powerful punch.

    Wedding Cake Wedding Cake

  30. Kaiden Monroe (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed this strain. Very tight buds with lots of crystals. Smell and taste enjoyable and so was the high.

    Northern Lights Northern Lights

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